Apple and Android Security System Threatened

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Smart phone users with the IOS operating system and Android should be more vigilant. Because, one of 20 Apple and Android phones can be infected by malicious software. Thus claimed by a security company. Mickey Boodaei, chief executive Trusteer claim that "the fraudsters have taken two steps ahead" and raised concerns about security, especially from Google's Android operating system.

The alleged fraudster has all the tools they need to change mobile malware into the biggest security problem. Predicted, within 12 to 24 months, more than one phone in the scale of 1 to 20 or 5.6 percent of all Android phones and apple can be infected by mobile malware if the fraudsters have begun to integrate what is known as the vulnerability 'zero day' (threat not anticipated) in their attacks.

"Android security architecture is not able to resist such attacks," he said, quoted from the Telegraph website. The fraudsters can easily build applications to have access to operating system resources such as text messaging, voice, web traffic, and more. How, install the application and get a message to the list in the brains of the operation, then the application will require access to an extensive list of brain surgery. This application was finally going to build an application with a dangerous scam that stole identities and bank accounts of users.

There are no real controls that can identify and prevent the spread of malicious applications on an online application store. "Compared to Apple's App Store, Android Market is more dangerous" he said. While Google has removed many rogue applications on Android market, Boodaei said, the identification and removal of malicious applications on Android market still needs major repairs. He said that the program of financial fraud that occurred at other phones now appear in the android platform.

He also warned of vulnerabilities in IOS allows malicious websites to jailbreak (inroad) on the phone and transmit malware undetected.

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