'Beware Facebook' Spreads To House Number?

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Fear of some parties on the negative things that tesebar via Facebook producing campaigns that sometimes 'no nonsense'. For example, equating up with drugs and put it in the house number. It appears in a photograph that began circulating in the crowded social networking, including Twitter and Facebook.

It showed the license plate of a house in Depok area. Interestingly, at the corner of the plate it is a public service message that reads: Beware of Drug and Facebook. Not yet known whether it was an official license plate number of the local government or modified. Whatever it is, of course, may be questioned why the Drug and Facebook are in a similar warning?

On the one hand, drugs are addictive drug, its use will almost always lead to catastrophe. Therefore Drugs prohibited. While the Facebook? Although often appeared negative things from Facebook, it could not be separated from how to use social networking sites. Facebook it was only the service, which can be used for many things.

A much better campaign is to give insight into how to use the internet with a healthy, including Facebook and other social media. Yes, a la 'campaign was Sehat' Internet.


Title Post: 'Beware Facebook' Spreads To House Number?
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Author: Dede Purnama

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