Beware of False Invitation Google+

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Google+ presence curious successful fishing. Since announced by Google+, many Internet users are interested in trying out this new social networking. Be careful, the public interest is used hackers to spread viruses. Internet and computer security firm Sophos detected a scam that manifests as a form of invitation or a fake invitation to join with Google . Reported to Sophos, a fake invitation was spread through emails and invitations Google + looks like the real thing.

When the user clicks on the invitation link, they'll be stuck trying to access sites that ship products to raise vital tool. This kind of scam is very common if there are new products that the public interest. Moreover, this time related to Google+'s already very familiar to Internet users.

Sophos recommends that users be careful when receiving such an invitation. "Whenever you receive an invitation to join a service, especially from third parties, be careful before clicking on it and make sure that the invitation came from a trusted source," writes Graham Cluley, senior security consultant at Sophos. Previously, a similar scam is also occurring with the use of Google's behalf. Scammer sends an invitation to join a Google Music service.

Title Post: Beware of False Invitation Google+
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