Businessman Start 'affair' of the BlackBerry

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BlackBerry is known as a reliable device for the businessman. Many companies provide employees with gadgets from Research in Motion (RIM) this. But lately, the threat of making the power of BlackBerry rivals in this sector is threatened. The corporate employees began 'cheating' of the BlackBerry to other mobile phones. Of the nine major U.S. companies polled, only two were exclusively still using the BlackBerry. They are Boeing and Exxon Mobile.

Seven others such as DuPont, Cartepillar, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo and Verizon Communications provide flexibility to choose at least one other mobile phones. The alternative is that they support Android, iPhone and Windows mobile phone. "Base their enterprise had been surrounded, first by Apple and Android. What happens in the consumer market repeated in the enterprise market. They were 'wounded' in the enterprise market is so core to them," said John Jackson, analyst at CCS Insight.

RIM's market share in the U.S. is now 25% in April, down from the previous 35% in October 2010. This makes the BlackBerry in third place, according to research from ComScore.

Title Post: Businessman Start 'affair' of the BlackBerry
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