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JavaScript is a scripting language made popular on the internet. JavaScript can work on most browsers (site) popular, such as Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and Opera. JavaScript code can be pasted on a web page using a script tag.

JavaScript has a meaning as a form of language function is a collection of scripts that run on an HTML document. Throughout the history of the internet, this language is the language of the first scripts for the web. This language can be considered as a programming language to provide additional capability to the HTML language denganmengizinkan executing commands on the user, meaning that in the browser instead of on the side of the web server.

JavaScript depends on the browser (navigator). JavaScript will call the web page containing JavaScript scripts from the tucked inside an HTML document. JavaScript does not require any special compiler or interpreter to run it because the reality JavaScript compiler is included in the browser. As with the language "Java" (by which JavaScript is always on compare) that require a special compiler to translate it on the user / client.

History of JavaScript
History of JavaScript was first developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape in 1995. When first developed, its name is Mocha, then the name was changed again and changed to LiveScript. Then finally, the name change becomes LiveScript JavaScript.

Navigator or Java-enabled browsers have previously can be utilized to further the non-Java programmers. Therefore, it is then carried out the development programming language named LiveScript to accommodate it. Often does the development make this programming language that eventually evolved and was named JavaScript. This naming is no relationship between the Java with JavaScript.

Needs JavaScript
To learn JavaScript programming, there are two devices are needed. Two such devices are as follows.
1. Text Editor

This tool is used to write JavaScript code. Text editor that can be used, among others, notepad and ultra edit.
2. Web Browsers

This tool is used to display web pages that contain JavaScript code. Web browser used must support JavaScript. Browser or navigator that can be used, among others, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navogator.

Writing JavaScript
JavaScript code is written in the HTML file. There are two ways to write JavaScript code to be displayed on the HTML page, the JavaScript that is written on the same file and the JavaScript is written in separate files. JavaScript code can also be made in a separate file. It is intended that the HTML document the content is not too long.

Variable JavaScript
A variable is a place to store values ​​or information on JavaScript. Variables that are declared can be filled with any value. In JavaScript, declaring a variable is optional. That is, you should declare it or not. It is not a problem. When you give value to a variable, then the JavaScript is considered that you have declared the variable. Here are the rules of variable naming.

- Must begin with the characters (letters or bottom row).
- Should not use spaces.
- Capital letters and small have different rules.
- Should not use words that are commands in JavaScript.

JavaScript Data Type
Unlike other programming languages​​, JavaScript does not have a data type explicitly. This can be seen from some examples of the above variables. You declare a variable, but did not specify the type. Although JavaScript has no explicit data type, JavaScript has an implicit data type. There are four types of implicit data owned by the JavaScript, which is numeric, string, Boolean, and Null.

JavaScript objects

There are several objects that can be used to enter data. The objects are usually contained in a form. The objects include Object Text, Object Radio, Checkbox Object, Object Textarea and Select Objects.

1. Object Text
To enter data, can use a component or a text object.

2. Radio Objects
Radio object is a component that is used to perform a selection of data. To access a radio button, use the radio [index]. In addition, any radio object has a value of True if it is selected and False if not. To select a radio object, used Checked property.

3. Checkbox Object
Checkbox object stores information about the form elements in the form of a check box. Its use is almost the same as the radio object.

4. Text Area Object
Textarea object stores information about the form elements in the form of text boxes with multiple lines.

5. Select Objects
Select the object stores information about the form elements that form the list box. Select an object works if in form there are many options that clearly have a certain value.

Branching JavaScript

To create a dynamic and interactive pages, web page designers need the commands that could regulate the flow of information. Based on the results of computing that has been done, JavaScript will make the decision which path to be executed. Basically, in JavaScript there are two kinds of branching statement that if .. else and switch.

Recurrence JavaScript

To repeat the scene several times, it takes a looping process. In JavaScript, prose repetition known some methods or ways of looping. The method includes the for loop iteration, while loops and do while loops.

How to Enable JavaScript

Here's how to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
1. For Internet Explorer
- Click the tools menu at the top of the windows explorer.
- Click on Internet options.
- From the tabs at the top, click advanced.
- In the window that opens, scroll down about half. Find coffee cup symbol. Enable JavaScript!
- Click OK, then click OK again. Exit and re-open your browser. Ready!

2. For Firefox
- Click the tools menu at the top of the Firefox window.
- Click Options.
- From the icons along the top, click Content.
- In the first section, put checks beside "Enable Java" and "Enable JavaScript".
- Click OK, then exit and reopen firefox. Ready!

3. For Safari
- From the Safari menu, click Security.
- Check the boxes for "Use Plug-Ins", "Java" and "JavaScript".

Similarly, explanations and tutorials which writers convey javascript. AMDA interested in learning? Good luck.

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