Facebook Not Allow 'Ad' Google+

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Facebook does not like it if the site becomes a place promotion competitors. A web developer exposed resin. Facebook blocking Facebook account because display advertising campaigns for Google + his profile. Michael Lee Johnson, a web developer, found an ingenious way to expand the friendship circle on Google +. Through his Facebook account, he 'advertise' to ask friends to add them to their Google + circle.

This idea is exciting and certainly easier Johnson. But Facebook is not happy about it and immediately pull 'advertising' is. "Recently I + displaying Google ads on Facebook. But then pull it up and suspend my account," said Johnson on the Google page + property. Terms of Service according to Facebook, they are entitled to pull the ad or form any campaign that promotes the products of competitors.

"Your account has been deactivated. All forms of advertising is stopped and not allowed to be installed again on our site. In general, we disable an account if there are many advertisements which violate the rules Terms of Use and Advertising. We are sorry we can not specify the nature of the offense in specific. If you have questions, please see the guidance Terms of Use and Advertising, "the message from Facebook that appear in his account.

The message was posted again by Johnson on the Google page with the addition of + hers, "PS: Facebook - You suck."

Title Post: Facebook Not Allow 'Ad' Google+
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