Firefox 6 Beta Landing on Android

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Mozilla Firefox browser with its okay to be a popular one in the realm of the desktop. But if talking on a mobile device, the browser 'the fox fire' were considered less bertaji. Firefox is considered slow in spawn innovation on the Android. Though Google's platform was initiated by the middle of a boom in the mobile universe.

But the hopes of the response Mozilla firefox seems to have emerged as the release of Firefox Beta 6 version in the Android Market. Firefox beta 6 has been said to be different than previous versions. If during this Firefox on Android considered slow, the Mozilla developers have made some improvements in the newest version.

Performance is more responsive and faster digadang staying a mainstay. Similarly, the image quality diusungnya. Here are some additional features with Firefox beta 6

- The experience of browsing in a more spacious screen tablet
- Display a more stylish with the OS Gingerbread
- Rendering Arabic letters faster
- Automatic hyphenation text

Title Post: Firefox 6 Beta Landing on Android
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