Google+ Domination chirp on Twitter

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A few days later, Internet users made ​​curious by the presence of Google +. Although still in beta, Google + real success attracts attention. One report said, Google+ dominating chirp on Twitter last week. Research Project for Excellence in Journalism by the Pew Research Center said in the week commencing 26 June to 1 July, talks about Google+ occupies a portion of 35 percent of all news links are in-tweet.

"Twitter users are very eager to know the presence of potential competitors of Facebook, especially when compared with issues related to privacy," wrote the Pew Research report. Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris
besides Google +, Pew Research notes 'global warming' ranks second with 11 percent of the news links sent via Twitter last week.

Since its introduction, Google + was immediately made ​​people curious aka guess what it will be this new social networking. There are many interesting features and distinguish it from Facebook. Latest news mentioning, Google + will provide special music service that will spoil the music lovers.

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