Google+ taunted, Hacker Groups Create a Social Network

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Anonymous hacker group is reported to have made ​​their own social networks. As if teasing Google+, it would be named Anonplus networking. Anonplus supposedly made ​​because some members of Anonymous have been banned from Google+. It is unclear how much, if any, members of Anonymous are banned from Google+. Not mentioned also how to block Google's Anonymous members, a network of hackers who allegedly very good at hiding their identities.

Anonplus, social networking is claimed as an artificial group Anonymous, will be established in But according to Techspot, currently the site is still in Alpha version '0 .1 'alias has not been completed. What kind of networking would it be? Still not to be expected. Especially considering the members of this group should be attached to the without-his-name, how to remain anonymous to each other if you can 'add friend' ala Facebook?

As usual Anonymous ideals put forward their anti-censorship. "This will be a social networking site that does not tolerate efforts to cover, the sensor or oppression - even in times of blackout," said a statement from Anonymous. "We the people have been fed up ... fed up with governments and corporations to dictate what is best for us - what's safe for our minds. Era of sheep has been completed. Interwebz no longer a prison," the statement stressed.

Title Post: Google+ taunted, Hacker Groups Create a Social Network
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