Insurance, Finance Ways to Manage?

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You have insurance? How much insurance do you have? What type of insurance? Really it's insurance you really need? The questions were fair airing in your mind. Insurance lately become one of the investment worth having. This type of investment is considered suitable to protect your life.

"Financial planning is needed to create financial freedom and your life balanced, in order to reach the health, welfare, and happiness" said Insurance Practitioner, Risza Bambang. He also stated that insurance is one way to manage finances in addition to the investment. All is done to protect the life itself.

"Because every human being is always dealing with the three risk life, life is too short, too long, and sick and accident," he continued. Therefore, unit-linked insurance is one of the definitive financing because it protects, it also can be used as an investment.

In addition, the type of health insurance cover the medical practice, medicine, specialist consultations, hospitalizations and surgery also deserves dipunya. Pension funds, is also a priority of ownership can begin belongs. "Although, pension funds can also be prepared by the company and the government through the labor and social security Social Security System, does not mean we can not prepare yourself," he explained.

Title Post: Insurance, Finance Ways to Manage?
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