It's Time for Decisive Fight Illegal Music Sites

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The existence of sites that provide downloads music illegally is spoiling user. But on the other hand, artists, songwriters, labels and the government should bite the fingers made. They are considered to be the most disadvantaged. According to observers music Bens Leo, a firm stance of the government's time has come done to curb the circulation of illegal music sites this. Losses are so great, especially the music industry today is not like the past.

"Total sales of physical albums (compact disk / CD or cassette) was dropped once. At the end of 2010 only reached 15 million units of coffee. Whereas in the 2000s it had reached 60 million units of coffee," said Bens. Even in 2004-2005, two bands could taste the sweetness of the country music industry stretching Indonesia. They are Jamrud approaching 3 million copies and Peterpan in the range of 2.5 million copies.

"After that RBT (ring backtone) came in and began to suppress the physical album sales. Up until yesterday (late 2010) only to 15 million copies," continued Bens.

"And now rampant illegal music sites, like what else would dirugikannya?" he added.

Even so, the music industry is optimistic Bens Indonesia will not be destroyed and will continue to sing the tune. Because every day was born singer and new bands who are ready to try his fortune to exhibit his creativity.

"But the thing is, if creativity were confronted with pirated that much to lose. Moreover, competition is now very tight, as if pirated quota 'cake' which was distributed," said Bens. Previously reported, the entire music industry associations have united in a movement of 'Heal Our Music' and ask Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring to cover at least 20 music download site that is believed to be operating illegally.

This request has also received full support from members of Commission I Tantowi Yahya. With the continued proliferation of illegal music downloading, the music industry in Indonesia is estimated to suffer losses of up to tens of trillions of dollars annually. July 27, 2011 was already scheduled to be kick off the movement. Where the Ministry of Communications and Informatics will call all Internet service providers in Indonesia to cover the sites that still provide access to download songs illegally.

Title Post: It's Time for Decisive Fight Illegal Music Sites
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