Microsoft Warns of Windows XP Final

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Still using the Windows XP operating system? If so, it looks like you have to start thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 or maybe move to another OS. Because Microsoft is committed to will no longer provide support to XP in the next 1,000 days. "With the remaining 1,000 days ahead, would not you have to start thinking about to retire Windows XP?" Stephan said Rose, Community Manager for Microsoft Windows in the Windows blog.

XP has become one of the most successful products ever released Microsoft. Even compared to his successor - Vista - XP is much more popular and durable in use. But unfortunately, the company founded Bill Gates had decided to further push Windows 7, Windows 8 as awaiting the birth of staying digadang in 2012. Significantly, as long as XP OS version should be marginalized.

The plan, the April 2014 deadline to support Microsoft's XP. After that date, the manufacturer of the software giant would certainly not longer issue security patches (security patches) and other updates for XP.

Not only that, also mentioned the support the termination action will come from developers where the application runs on XP. Only for this case can not be determined deadline, depending on the developer. According to Net Applications, XP is still the OS most used today. Unmitigated, the proportion can be up to 51%. While in the enterprise, XP's market share is predicted to be up to 60%.

Windows 7 itself is currently reported to have sold 400 million licenses worldwide. The amount is achieved since the release of Windows 7 in October 2009.

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