There are Gaps in the Hazardous Products Apple

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An open security loopholes in the IOS operating system is embedded in the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This vulnerability allows a popular gadget that hackers attacked.The vulnerability is revealed when the Federal Office for Information Security from Germany warned that it could be used criminals to steal important data from the device. Through it, hackers can send malicious programs into the device by way of deceiving users as if they're clicking on the PDF file.

Charlie Miller, a former hackers Apple products, said it took him months to penetrate the Apple system. However, criminals may only take a day or more to modify the attack for a particular purpose. Apple spokesman, Bethan Lloyd, acknowledged the existence of the gap. "We're paying attention and doing repairs," he said. But he was not sure when repairs were sent.

Title Post: There are Gaps in the Hazardous Products Apple
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Author: Dede Purnama

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