The Bad Impact of Information and Communication Technology

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Increasingly flat world with a networked computer screen and the more narrow because of the Internet era of internet and mobile phones have easier communication between people around the world. It is undeniable that its existence is beneficial to the progress of a nation. However, on the other hand there are still bad things that could threaten the other party.

In ICT, youth and children often become the subject of concern. There is always a bad outcome due to advances in information technology. Moreover, even elementary school children now have mobile phones and are familiar with the Internet network. Therefore, the article of information technology is indispensable to explain to children about things that may and may not be absorbed from the advancement of information technology.

Speaking of meaning or definition of ICT, Martin (1999) explained that an information technology basically not limited to discussion of any computer. In this case, both hardware and software used to process and store information in a computer.

In addition, include communication technologies to transmit information and commands in addition to the computer. Currently, there are some ICT tools which are believed most mempengerahi and young people and children, among them the following.

- Computers.
- Mobile.
- Online games.
- MP4 player.
- Television.

The five devices such technology is just a simple illustration of the tendency of children to play, although many also found children who are proficient in developing and applying more sophisticated technologies. Given the positive influence of ICT is also quite a lot, here only be mentioned negative influences.

As well as feeding activity, if too much of course also bring disease to our own bodies. This also applies to the world of technology and information. Children who are allowed to access the Internet freely without supervision of parents tend to want to learn new things.

The novelty could also be something that smells of sex and pornography or violence in a game. This course is very dangerous to the child's own psyche. Furthermore, in terms of physical health, children who spent more time at the computer tend to overweight from lack of movement and lots of snacking.

It is also influential for the survival of the young generation to the next. Just imagine, if then it has become a culture of our children, as human resources, they will be the generation that ailing physically and psychologically.

Therefore, parents should be more attention to her child when it comes to technology issues. Set the time to access or accompany the child while playing the Internet or ICT in whatever form, is still a powerful way to reduce these adverse effects. The problem is there's also the parents who then did not understand the computer world. Moreover, the internet.

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