Breakthrough Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo mail has a free service and paid services. Until the year 2010, yahoo mail is the most free email services are used worldwide. Its main competitor is Microsoft hotmail. Most people who use emails actively also follow yahoogroups. Electronic mail services individually or in daily digest of yahoogroups will go straight into your email, and the number could reach thousands per day.

Features yahoo mail

- check other mail
In yahoo mail, you can integrate a number of other mail addresses, check with other mail services. dDengan This way, you easily connect to your e-mail you another.

- Folder
Features found on yahoo mail as a folder, not maximized by users. In fact, this feature helps the user to select the incoming email for easy viewing. services such as contacts, calendar and note pad can also be easier for users of electronic mail yahoo mail for various purposes.

- Note pad
This feature can be used to save the form letter. So, you just change the position and company name only.

- Calendar
This feature can be used as an alternative to your agenda, as well as regular agenda.

- Contacts
Features contacts also facilitate you in sending the email. You can just click, then open the link and you can already write the letter.

New Yahoo Mail
on June 27, 2009, Yahoo launched the integration between the yahoo messenger and yahoo mail beta. yahoo mail in this new version integrates the functions of an email by chat. With yahoo mail, the user can check the mail along with communicating through chat.

Spam function
Because of the rampant use of the Internet for advertising, a lot of spam, viruses and other unwanted promotions could appear in your email. Yahoo's services even more to tighten anti-spamnya. In February 2006, Yahoo launched a paid service at a price of up to one cent per email sent, to ensure the letter did not go into the spam box.

Banning the use of the name "Allah"
Yahoo makes policy for users not using the name "Allah" since the beginning of 2008. Consequently, because such a rule, a name like linda.callahan not allowed (note the word god in Callahan) to be used.

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