Easily Transaction on Ebay

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If we are observant watch a Western movie, the dialogue is not uncommon to mention the word eBay, as a means of trading goods. Yes, eBay is like a flea market or bazaar that sells various goods in cyberspace. eBay was launched in San Jose, Calif., in 1995, by Pierre Omidyar, the French-born Iranian computer programmer. Initially, the site was created to sell collectibles, as well as goods that are difficult to find. As it grows, then known as the ebay online auction Web site, which is available all kinds of goods. You can get a car, mobile phones, DVDs, clothing, baby equipment, dolls and other collectibles. Wow, great is not it?

How not, there are 103.6 million of goods provided by ebay. Not to mention the addition of 6.1 million list of goods every day. No half-hearted, eBay does offer countless opportunities for all people around the world to do the transaction through its website. EBay is not wrong if it later became the site selling the top-selling and renowned throughout the world.

Initially, the company has the name Echo Bay Technology Group, and renamed AuctionWeb to eBay in September 1997. The company is delivering Omidyar became Billiuner. In 2002, eBay purchased by Paypal.

EBay developments can be fairly rapid. In 2006, the site already has 200 million users spread around the world. Thus, although the transactions conducted through cyberspace, there is nothing to worry about security related.

How it Works eBay
If you are still confused by the workings of eBay, the following guidelines will help you to understand how buying and selling through this site. To see a list of items available on ebay, you do not need to register. Well, when you want to make a purchase or sale, then you must register or have an account on eBay.

1. Aldo (Seller) to sell product A and list the auction on eBay.

2. Rena looking for product A and found it on eBay. Then do the auction, and Rena won after the highest bid.

3. Rena received an email from eBay how to make a payment product A to Aldo.

4. Ebay also send an email to Aldo, informed that the winning bidder is Rena. Furthermore, Aldo A product prepared for delivery, packing and making sure shipping costs.

5. Rena make payments to Aldo, who once gave his email address.

6. Aldo verify that payment has been received and product A has been sent to Rena.

7. Rena received product A from Aldo, and is satisfied with its quality.

Well, it's easy not to trade on eBay? Happy shopping!


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