History and Development of Information Technology

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In a sense, information technology as a result of human engineering work, began when human existence has begun. This can be verified as early civilization and there is a phase called life, humans have used the language. Anything as simple as that.

Early History
Language is a technology to exchange information or communicate. With language, one can understand and comprehend what is meant information interlocutor. Technology to deliver information and then developed with use of drawings or paintings.

With this painting, the information submitted can be stored longer and easier to send to others elsewhere. It is more effective than the language of technology which was originally only used orally using sound.

Easily lost when the votes have been delivered and is limited by the distance of the place. Unlike the painting, we can receive the information conveyed by early humans in prehistoric times through the timeless paintings they made in the caves. Human civilization and then walked round the use of information technology when the Sumerian writings in 3000 BC using symbols pictograf as a function of the letter.

Approximately 100 years later, the Ancient Egyptians find more advanced language writing. Hieroglyphic letters which they use to combine several different symbols that have the pronunciation and meaning another.

Modern period
Since the invention of paper in 105 AD by the Chinese, the discovery of new means of practical experience in the information vacuum. Another important new discovery occurred in 1455 when Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press.

1830 and 1837 is the year of the discovery of the first computer program dantelegraph. The computer program allows the data input, data processing, and output in that period just a card product. Machines that use this program became the forerunner of the digital computer, although the way it works is still more mechanical.

Telegraph using Morse code allows the transmission of information which will be conducted electronically between two distant places in a very short time. Data storage technology was developed with the creation of the tape magnetic tape in 1899.

Then, followed by other important discoveries, such as tube TVs in 1923, the development of magnetic tape for shipping and receiving military documents on World War II, until the first digital computer ENIAC I developed in 1946.

Then, information technology has developed rapidly with the discovery of technology tools. In a sense, civilization experienced a revolution as an important new tool was found. Internet technology that was originally a U.S. military invention, developed in the period 1973 to 1990.

In subsequent years, the Internet network are progressing very rapidly and developed and possess a variety of joints of human life. The world of business, bureaucracy, education, health, police, and banking, is now no escape from information technology.

You can trade online with business partners abroad. You can take care of papers and residence taxes quickly and transparently. You can enjoy the e-learning, distance learning with ease. You too can enjoy the health services with new technologies that increase the patient's life expectancy.

As a customer of a bank, you can transfer or withdraw money anywhere and anytime. Similarly, the criminal action is now very easily revealed by information technology.

No wonder then that many experts argue that the progress of a country can not escape from the level of mastery of information technology subjects. You agree?


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