Information Technology Law: Control or Avoid Completely

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There are always positive and negative factors behind the progress, especially advances in information technology. Positive factor that is felt by nearly all societies are always accompanied by negative factors. At that moment, the law required the information technology (cyber law). Evolving information technology is part of globalization in almost every country. Space and time between one country to another continues to be eroded until there is no distance at all.

On the other hand, culture and lifestyle in each state who have information technology advances are not the same. There are free as America, there are strict as in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the use of information technology is the main medium is the Internet can be accessed individually or privacy without intervention by the country concerned.

Although the rules and the application has been disseminated to the public, the media access of the Internet has so many and easy (user friendly). Staying one click, the world is in your grasp. So about the picture easily.

Legal Challenges
Reflecting of the phenomenon, the legal challenges that can not easily get from the lives of people who continue to experience social change. On the one hand, the information technology needs of the community will hardly be prevented again. How not, almost all political operations, economics, education, and other fields, utilizing this technology. It is undeniable, information technology is creating effectiveness and efficiency of performance in general.

On the other hand, the negative impact of pornography, porno-action, cyber crime and other negative impacts continue to emerge. In reality, laws and legislation often comes after the first negative impact is present so that the status is no longer compensate, but has been left behind by advances in information technology created. Thus, it can be categorized as negative impacts, although advances in information technology should be a device that compensates.

Information Technology Law
If to be honest, legal information technology (cyber law) in our country does not fully meet the expectations of society, whether literate or who stutter information technology. There is still much that needs improvement. For example, fundamental things that must be mastered as carding, e-commers, or any other term.

Moreover, society can not fully rely on information technology law to curb cyber because the public has the same obligation in a more personal scope. For example, by avoiding the negative things from the Internet or control young people's use of the Internet to avoid content that lead to negative impacts, whether it's pornography, porno-action, cybercrime, or whatever.

Presumably, the law of information technology required to continue to make improvements without stopping as advances in information technology are endless also do development here and there. There should be a separate container which makes the rules in the areas of criminal, civil, administration, IPR, international relations, and other fields. It was an exhausting and challenging job.

Title Post: Information Technology Law: Control or Avoid Completely
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Author: Dede Purnama

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