Positive and Negative Side of Cyberspace

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Cyberspace is a miniature of the real world. Everything that happens in the real world are also presented in the virtual world. The difference is, events in the real world is not only happening in a neighborhood, but across anywhere in the world while in the virtual world everything is presented in front of the eye.

Yes, through the virtual world we can see luasanya world only through a glass screen that size is no larger than a table. Amazing, is not it? It was such a hebantnyakah cyberspace? Yes, it's great. Even the virtual world capable of playing the two main characters, the antagonist and protagonist in the same period wakyu.

In a similar house called the virtual world, users can get a lot of goodness and benefits in one window, but can get a lot of ugliness in the other window. Good and evil within the virtual world as if nothing, just the windows that separate it alone.

Users have full authority to choose what they need. If the benefits they can expect to find, then they will pick a good window. However, if the ugliness that they are looking for, then they would choose a window that is not good. Full virtual world in the hands of its users.

Positive Side of Cyberspace
As explained earlier, the virtual world provides everything needed users. Various goodness and benefits can be obtained easily. To know all the goodness and menfaat cyberspace need not take much time or cost. Simply with a click and enter the plus side, all the goodness and benefits that will be presented cyberspace.

What are the benefits and goodness of the positive side of cyberspace, here are a few of them.

- Cyberspace is a storehouse of knowledge and information.
- Cyberspace is the owner of the company that will gladly pay for users who work for him.
- Cyberspace is a physician at once the best remedy for various diseases.
- The virtual world is a bridge connecting ties all people in the world.
- Cyberspace is the cheapest and fastest means of transportation to and from a place that users want to go

Negative Side of Cyberspace
Because cyberspace is a miniature of the real world, of course not the only positive side it has. Any negative side cyberspace can easily greet many users who do not intend to obtain a benefit positf.

Like the real world filled with good people and evil, virtual worlds too. Good people will be on the positive side, while bad people will be on the other hand, the negative side.

What are the negative side of the evils of cyberspace, here are a few of them.

- The world is a hotbed of crime. Each person can easily do it in this place.
- Cyberspace is the breaker ties the sharpest.
- Cyberspace is the most poisonous toxins easily infect the mindset of its users, and much more.


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