Various Kinds of Information Technology and Communications Modern

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Information and communication technologies are the tools of technological developments used in the collection, processing, and distribution of information as one of the communication process. Information and communication technology continues to develop according to its time. The following kinds of information and communication technology in the modern era, the era after a period of known history or start writing.

Printing Machine
The first printing machine was made by Johann Guttenberg. Using the letters of the iron plate that can be changed in a wooden frame.

Analytical Machine
Invented by Charles Babbage. This machine has the ability to enter data, process data, as well as cards issued in the form of output. With this machine also, Augusta Lady Byron wrote a computer program first in the world. This machine inspires the creation of a digital machine a century later, the first digital computer called ENIAC I.

The Telegraph and Morse Code
Invented by Samuel Morse in 1873 with two friends. They managed to send news via cable using Morse code in the form of electrical pulses between the two places apart.

The first film was created in 1861 as a communication tool to express the ideas or convey a message to the crowd.

Telephone and Photography
Invented in 1877 by Alexander Graham Bell developed for use in general. While photography, invented by Edward Maybridge, namely high-speed photography.

Magnetic Ribbon Storage
Discovered in 1899. Storage system is made of strong plastic tape, while the other is a type of magnetic material coated iron oxide.

TV Tube
Created by Zvorkyn in 1923. Still use vacuum tubes as electronic components.

Magnetic Tape Storage
Created in 1940, began to be developed in the field of information science for the benefit of sending and receiving military documents that are stored in the form of magnetic tape.

Hypertext is a coding system developed by Vannevar Bush. This encoding can create Web pages used in the Internet.

Digital Computers
The first digital computer was created in 1948 with the name of the ENIAC was I inspired by the discovery of analytical machine.

Developed in 1948 to replace vacuum tubes in order to shape into smaller, more energy efficient, and does not cause overheating.

Planar Transistor
In 1957, electronic components developed by Jean Hoerni planar transistors. With this technology, millions of transistors can be put into a small piece of crystalline silicon.

Computer Networking Decentralization
Developing a decentralized network system by RAND that aims to control and launch control systems in the bombing of a nuclear war.

Computer Networking First
In 1969, discovered the first computer network system in the United States that was formed by connecting four points, namely the University of California, SRI (Stanford), University of Utah, and University of California of Santa Barbara, with a strength of 50 Kbps.

The discovery of an electronic mail program in the form of text messages or emails at the beginning of its appearance. Ray Tomlinson created it in 1972.

The term Internet was introduced in an essay about the TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). After that, developed a network protocol with the same name by DARPA group. In 1981, developed with a capacity of CSNET 56 Kbps for each institution in the government.

In 1986, IERF develop a server that serves as a tool for coordination between DARPA, the ARPANET, DDN, and internet gateway.

Internet and Computer Technology Development
Began in 1991 when the company developed a system of CERN's IT business for the first time. In 1992, formed a group of Internet users. In addition, there are also the term World Wide Web (www). In 1993, began to develop Internet services, including the provision of directory services, data storage, as well as a database by the company AT & T.

Since then, the Internet boomed and started to enter the various aspects of human life. As the development of Internet, the computer needs to appear alongside advanced technology. Therefore, development of the Internet can not be separated from the development of computers, including the types of software are increasingly numerous and diverse.

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