Wikileaks and Audit of Information Technology

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Information technology government of the United States is in the spotlight because of leaking confidential information to the WikiLeaks. The cables are classified top secret was so public consumption. Wikileaks is slowly released such information to the public via its website. Suddenly the commotion over the world have caused this wikileaks. The U.S. government reacted by accusing Julian Assange, founder wikileas, no different from Osama Bin Laden.

Wikileas was an all-out attack by hackers who wanted to block official website wikileaks. Julian Assange soon be arrested. Interpol busy looking for a man born in Australia. But beyond this, the management of information technology in the U.S. reap the glare. Many of the requesting party immediately conducted an audit of information technology in the U.S..

A very interesting question is: why such data could be leaked? It turns out information technology in the U.S. failed to run a tight standards and qualifications. According to several media alerts, information servers in the U.S. can be uprooted by wikileaks because of weak oversight of their IT experts.

The system was successfully bypassed so that data can be easily stolen. The problem is, the data is not data carelessly. The data contains confidential information behind the policy (policy) the U.S. in the international world.

Increasingly difficult problem when many countries wikileaks dragged into the vortex of these diplomatic wire. Call it England, Iran, North Korea, China, Indonesia and even even mentioned.

The most striking was the request of Saudi Arabia to the U.S. to attack Iran over nuclear weapons possession on the mullahs negari. Or, China is dubbed North Korea as a child who needed attention.

All information is made ​​crisis diplomacy. What happens at the surface is inversely proportional to what goes on backstage.

Information technology
Information technology like a double-edged knife. Wikileaks using them. The reason is, information that was leaked to give transparency for the public to assess their entirety. But for the U.S. and its allies, this is a big disaster.

Severe blow to U.S. diplomacy that commandeered Hillary Clinton. Smart power turned into a scary power. The public can judge with the naked eye how aggressive U.S. diplomacy, and not empathetic.

For its proponents, WikiLeaks is a marker of a new era. The era of openness. The era of transparency. Wikileaks opens our horizons to a problem previously considered vague and even opaque.

This polemic is not necessarily going to stop anytime soon. Hundreds of cables are ready to be published again. Information technology proves once again his prowess.

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