Xampp is a Device Incorporating Applications

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For those of you who want to deepen making the web more deeply, it is necessary to know what it is Xampp. Xampp is a device that combines three applications into one package, namely Apache, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin. With Xampp your work will be greatly facilitated, because it can install and configure all three applications were simultaneously and automatically.

Xampp has been progressing over time. The newest version is a revision of previous editions, so that better and more complete. The main application in the package comprises at least Xampp Apache web server, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin.

What is Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin?
Apache is an open source web server, so everyone is welcome to use it for free, can even edit the source code. The main functions of Apache produces the correct web page corresponding to the one created by a web programmer, using the PHP code.

While PHP is a programming language to create a web. With PHP we can create dynamic web pages. In addition to supporting Windows, PHP is also open source, can also be used on Mac OS, Linux and other operating systems.

MySQL is a database management system is often used with PHP. However, Microsoft Access, Oracle Database, d-Base, and other database management systems are also supported by PHP.

Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a structured language that is used exclusively to process the database. And MySQL is a database management system.

With open source applications as well, we can create and process data base and its contents, add, modify, and delete data in the database. MySQL to be a matching pair for PHP.

Required application that can manage the data base in MySQL, and phpMyAdmin is an application that we can use. With phpMyAdmin, you can create tables, populate the data, and other jobs more easily, without having to memorize commands.

PhpMyAdmin activation you can do to enable the web server Apache and MySQL from the Xampp control panel. Then, open your web browser and type in this address: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/, then enter.

If that comes up is a display or interface phpMyAdmin, then you can start by creating a database name, table name, and so on.

Downloading Xampp
Because open source, you can use and edit the Xampp for free and free. You can download the most recent version at http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html. Customize Xampp with your computer operating system.

Once it has finished downloading, open the xampp installer file, select language, then click Next to start the installation.

Starting Xampp

If the installation is complete, it will be the question arises whether to run the Xampp as a service? Answer Yes, if we're going to run Apache, MySQL, FileZilla FTP Server or automatically on a computer.

If you answered No, it means that Xampp must be run manually through the Xampp control panel on the desktop.

When you open the Xampp Control Panel on the desktop before, then will question arises Start Xampp Control Panel? Just answer yes. Then, click the Start button on the Apache and MySQL to run both applications.

To test whether we run the installation was successful, open a web browser and type http://localhost/ address. If then arises page Xampp for windows, then you have successfully installed Xampp.


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