Advantages of Information Technology

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For the modern society, the mastery of information technology is obligatory. The use of paper that a lot with the higher paper prices, people do not just glance at the information technology, but they are quite dependent on the facilities of this technology. So many of the advantages of information technology acquired when we are able to use it.

No Paper
Increasingly go green campaign moves into high gear. In fact, there are companies that actually implement the policy of no paper at all. Everything is done by using information technology. This sophistication was made ​​to increase the efficiency and effectiveness, although there are some obstacles and problems that can not be underestimated.

For example, Internet connections are still problematic in some places, electricity supplies are unstable, online virus onslaught of an increasingly scary, as well as security from hackers who would not want to make users more aware of information technology. Carried to its extreme, back up your data remains was made on paper in order to avoid loss of data or data that was attacked by the irresponsible.

Advantages of Information Technology

1. administration
Bookkeeping and archiving field will be more rapid, orderly, and neat work. Search specific data will be more readily available. Confidential data can be stored in a specific file that can be hidden by a particular encoding, too.

2. B to B (Business to Business)
Increasingly open sky global business, requires businesses to connect with consumers or business partners from all over the world. With the information technology, all business can be done through cyberspace.

Business with this system relies heavily on trust. Business success is highly dependent on trust. When trust has been obtained, no matter where the location of your office, not a problem anymore.

3. Remove Writers, Researchers, and Journalists
Not infrequently, writers and editors have never met even once. In fact, they both have been in contact for years and has published several books. There is a bond does. There is a bond mutual need.

So, without meeting physically though, mutual esteem and respect that can still grow in the hearts of each one. The researchers were able to relate to the respondents through cyberspace. Moreover, journalists could be somewhere, but the coverage can still be sent whenever he wanted.

4. Hospitality
Distance is not a problem anymore if just want to greet the parents and relatives far away. Of course, not be compared if meet in person. However, to stay in touch through the power of information technology, bond it will feel stronger.

5. G to G (Intergovernmental Political Relations)
Changes in political direction the world is changing very rapidly. Diplomatic relations should be done as often as possible. One way is to hold a teleconference or a continuous Internet connection.

6. Education world
The high costs of education can be tricked by online learning. Want to learn about marketing, get into In essence, just select willing to learn anything, just look on the internet.

7. Unity and Integrity of World Citizens
The speed with which news spreads through information technology, has made more rapid relief obtained. Program Pray For Indonesia, one of them. The similarities do not think this makes us apart from others from around the world.

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