Basic Information Technology in the Business World

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Information technology is a technology-related data into an information processing. The basic concept is closely related to information technology with information systems. Information system is a collection of components associated with the process of distributing information.

Development of Information Technology
The development of information technology has brought the world entered a new era that so quickly. There are four important era since the invention of the computer as a tool of data processing.

1. Development of Computer Technology Era
This era began in early 1960. Computers serve as tools that support only the administrative process for the office.

2. Computerized Era
This era began around the 1960s when minicomputers and mainframes were introduced to the companies so much that many companies use it for data processing purposes. The use of computers at that time was devoted to efficiency of time and cost because it proved, in certain jobs, the use of computers is play a lot.

3. Information Technology Era
This period began in the early 1970s. Technology PC (Personal Computer) was introduced. With a set of computers that can be placed on the desk, an employee can obtain information that has been processed by the computer.

4. Era Information Systems
This era was introduced in early 1980. This era is more emphasis on the elements of information systems for computer and information technology is a component that is very closely related. This era demands the creation and mastery of information must be done regularly, quickly, and constantly to places in need. Distribution of information analogous to blood in the human body that must be constantly flowing, delivering blood to the places that need blood.

Business Competition Weapons
Can not be denied that the development of information technology which so quickly not only changed the way people communicate and work, but furthermore has created a new competitive nature. The notion that information technology is a key weapon of global competition is the unquestionable truth. Phenomenon that has appeared in almost all major countries in the world, large companies that have many years of triumph in the end should be folded.

This happens because they can not compete with new companies that have relatively smaller scale. The cause is none other than the development of technology has been able to penetrate the boundaries of space and time. Small companies are beating large companies by implementing the power of information technology in every aspect of the company. They have a number of practitioners of information technology experts from various disciplines of computer science to run the company in order to compete with other companies.

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