Benefits of Information Technology

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Information technology have benefited very much. One is the benefits in education. In the world of education, information technology has an enormous influence, especially in the learning process. There are five shift caused by the presence of technology in the learning process.

- First, the training process shifts to the appearance.

- Second, the usual process of learning in the classroom shifts to where and anytime.

- Third, the learning process through the paper shifts to the online learning process or channel.

- Fourth, the physical facility to facility networks.

- Finally, the learning process of the cycle time to real time.

Communications as a medium of education is done by using communication media such as telephones, computers, internet, and or e-mail. Interaction between teachers and students not only done through face-to-face relationships, but also performed using these media.

The most recent is the development of so-called "cyber teaching" or teaching of cyberspace, namely the teaching process is carried out by using the internet

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