Definition of Information Technology: Computers are not always

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If the first of our ancestors or send a letter with a dove that can also send a messenger arrived and rewarded for months, then today sent a letter could be done as fast as lightning. If you had to find a pristiwa conditions outside our area have been, so now just sit at home and we're treated to a world of information from anywhere.

That's a very helpful role of technology in the delivery of information. We then knew him with information technology. What exactly is the definition of IT (information technology) it? Is it true that information technology is always synonymous with the computer?

If examined in the word, the information technology structure consists of words and word information technology. Technology is only a kind of device, while the creators themselves are human. So, talk of information technology it will not be separated from effort or modified by humans in terms of delivery of messages or information between the sender and the receiver. Purpose is to make the process faster until, quickly expanded info, but much longer in terms of storage archives.

In the context of history, then in fact bahasalah tool technology was first owned by humans. Not fantasize, at the beginning of human civilization, only delivered in the language of communication in this regard is the spoken language. From here the others will understand each other. It's just a language already spoken to the listener is temporary because it is not stored in a special file. In addition, the process of administration is also very limited. Only the recipient or the people around him who did happen to listen too.

In the end, all languages ​​will disappear slowly. Having spoken this, then later evolved into the phase image. This image was then carried to be understood so that we know the alphabet and arabic numbers which then facilitate flows of information than ever before.

Until then came erah printing technology that can reach a broader message, proposed by the electronic technology such as radios, televisions, and computers. To this day still growing and evolving. Then the question is, whether the definition of information technology? Is all that information technologies are all related to computers?

To answer some of the above questions, then here would be presented several definitions of information technology itself from the experts. Among them:

- Haag and Keen (1996): Haag and Keen said that information technology is a set of tools that can help humans in terms of working with information and perform tasks related to information processing.

- Martin (1999): Martin's view, information technology is not just limited to computer technology in this case either the hardware or software used to process and store information, but also includes communications technology to transmit information other than computers.

- Williams and Swayer (2003): As for Williams and Swayer say, information technology is a technology that combines the computing system or a computer with high speed communication lines that carry data, voice and also in video form.

Well, from the definition it is understood that information technology is not synonymous with computers only. But summarizes other telecommunication devices such as phones, radio, television and others.

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