Development of Information Technology

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Information technology has long been known in human civilization. Information technology also has undergone a significant development. In the past, humans only use the image plane as a tool to inform something and interact with each other. This is evident in the number of pictures on the walls cave in prehistoric times.

Now, let's fade into the historical period circa 3000-1400 BC. In this age of information technology has not become a mass technology like that was happening at the moment. Information technology is still belong to some people and very expensive.

Entering the modern times, many people with his cleverness had menciptaan a tool that can easily receive and convey some information by using technology. Typewriters, moving images, electronic mail, up to the internet that we know today is an example of information technology developments that occur in human life.

Title Post: Development of Information Technology
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Author: Dede Purnama

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