Electronic Books, Digital Book Technology

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Electronic books or in the English language e-book is a book in digital or electronic version. In general, regular book consists of a collection of papers that contain text or image, while the electronic book contains information on the form of text or images in digital format. Today, electronic books (e-book) demand because of its small size when compared with regular books.

Generally, the electronic book (e-book) has a search feature so that the words contained in the electronic book can be quickly searched and found. Electronic books (e-book) consists of some fairly popular formats, including plain text, pdf, jpeg, lit, and html. Each format has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the format depends on the tool used to read electronic books.

One form of efforts to conserve resources shaped reading books membutujkan numerous and expensive maintenance costs is a way to transfer the format of the conventional book form to a form of electronic books. By doing this, there will be plenty of space and effort can be saved to take care of the source text.

Electronic Book Format
Electronic book consists of several widely used formats. Generally, the format used depends on the availability of various electronic books in that format and easy to use software to read these types of electronic book formats. Here is an explanation of the format of electronic books (e-book).

1. Plain Text (Plain Text)
Plain text or plain text format that is the simplest of electronic books. This format can be seen in almost all software using a personal computer. For some mobile divice format, can be read using software which must diintal first.

2. Pdf
Pdf format is a format that is pretty much used as an electronic book format that contains the majority of the text. This format has advantages in terms of print-ready format. This format is similar to the shape of the actual book (conventional). In addition, the pdf format has a search feature, the table of contents, can include pictures, links out, and multimedia.

3. Jpeg
Jpeg format is a format which is devoted to images, but this format can be used as an electronic book format. This format has a large size compared to the information it contains text. Therefore, the jpeg format as the format is generally popular type of comic book or manga that is dominated by the image. For electronic books (e-book) which dominated the text, this format less attractive.

4. lit
LIT format is the format of Microsoft Reader. This format allows dalan text electronic books (e-book) can be adapted to the screen width of mobile divice used to read it. LIT format has advantages in the form of letters that is comfortable to read.

5. html
In html format, image and text Dapa accommodated together. Layout (layout) text and images can be arranged. However, the results have been so in the screen sometimes does not fit if printed.

6. Packed Open Electronic Book Format
This format is also known as OPF Flipbook. OPF is an electronic book format based on XML that is made by an electronic book system. Electronic books (e-book) in this format is known as Flipbook as software providers display the book in 3D format that can be opened and open the (flipping).

At present, to view electronic books (e-book) in the OPF format in order to obtain a sense of actually opening a book (flipping experience), required software renderer on the client or user.


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