Find Your Home Through Google Maps

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Technological developments created the experts provide much convenience for human survival. The world now is like being in the grip of your fingers. How could I not, with only with a kompuer that connect directly with the Internet, you can walk around the world.

Around the world are here, of course not literally. You can specify various locations around the world by typing the name of the location that you want to visit. Via Google Maps, you can do everything with just your fingers. Google Maps is providing a variety of features that can facilitate people in finding locations around the world, we do not even know at all.

Display owned by Google Maps is quite good and varied. Google Maps can provide location information through the image of regular maps, satellite imagery appearance, and also the image of the actual appearance of the earth's surface. You simply visit the official page of Google Maps, which to be able to use the facilities are quite interesting.

Through these sites, you can explore your destination, place of business purpose intended, or maybe just pour your curiosity about a place.

Find Your Home
One of the interesting features that can be used from the Google Map is that you can find in detail the location of your home is located. Not only the location, you can also find out what's around your house with its original appearance. Display images of mountains, roads, rivers, places of worship were to be shown what it is.

Here are some tips you can use to just play to find the location.

1. Go to the official page of Google Maps, namely Type the name of the location where your home is located. For example, Bandung. You can type the name of a more specific location, such as Jalan Ganesha.

2. After that, to zoom in, you simply press the plus (+) that exist on the display Google Maps. Plus button is used to enlarge the view.

3. To change the shape of the desired view, you simply change the type of display is desired, the form of the map (Map), a satellite view (Satellite), and the appearance of the display form of the earth (Earth).

4. After finding the location you want, you can mark the location and give it a name according to your desired

You ready for an adventure with your finger? Easy enough right? Good luck.

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