Friendly With Blackberry Bold 9000

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Many of the broadcast message circulating among the blackberries usage tips to overcome the inertia of this device working. "If you start to feel slow blackberry, then do it ... ... etc". Tips are greatly anticipated by the user must type blackberry bold 9000. As a tool for the early generation of smartphones blackberry, bold type are very honored because of the completeness of its features. The price is quite high. Over time, many complaints are found in this type of blackberry.

Blackberry bold 9000 sale price also fell sharply, even lower than the type of javelin, javelin but can not access 3G services. Blackberry bold 9000 user will feel a broken heart because of use value and sale value is very uneven.

Friendly Tips with Smartphone
If you decide to keep using the blackberry bold 9000, here are some tips to make friends with these types of smartphones.

- Be aware of the weakness Blackberry bold 9000 on a relatively small internal memory. That belongs to this type of memory is 128 MB of RAM. Optimize application usage on the things that are necessary. Spending the internal memory will make more frequent emerged delay (hourglass) in access other features.

- Another weakness is the blackberry bold on wasteful batteries and easy to heat. Save hours of battery use with:

* Using a 2G service and only use 3G services if needed. In Indonesia there is no significant difference in access between 2G and 3G data.

* Turn off unnecessary use of facilities such as keypad tones, LED indicator and others. Use the themes are simple and not heavy.

* The stability of the signal is very influential on battery usage. Use the SIM card from the service provider with a relatively stable signal. Consider also whether you often go out of town or not because it will determine the choice of operator that should be used.

- Avoid following the group who have a member of the group very much. Existing thread will make your blackberry is very busy.

- Like the heart in humans, blackberry bold 9000 contained in the heart, the device power. Charging the battery is too long (overcharge) will cause interference with the IC power that causes the total dead blackberry.

- If damage is severe, IC power must be replaced or even blackberries can not be used at all. A good charging procedures must be observed. If the power indicator on the blackberry is colored green, stop the charging process.

Welcome friends with blackberry bold 9000. Keoptimalan and precision of the procedure using the key to your satisfaction in using.

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