History of Information Technology

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Have you ever wondered exactly when humans began to exchange information? Exchange of information begins mankind since 3000 BC. From this early history of the development of information technology begins. Without their initial step, we would not have advanced technology such as computers or mobile phones as it is today. There are four stages in the development period of communication and information, that is, pre-mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical, and electronics.

Periods Pre-Mechanical
In the pre-mechanical, the Phoenicians who inhabited the Middle East (now Lebanon) to create communications in the form of symbols. The year was 2000 BC. Before that, people use images to convey messages between them. Ancient Greeks adapted the Phoenician symbol by adding the vowels. This makes it easier to use symbols. The ancient Romans and then wear it, then create the alphabet we use today.

In 600 BC, making the book starts made ​​of papyrus that is attached. Religious leaders and leaders usually keep a collection of books. Furthermore, The Ancient Egyptians created the system of numbers. They are also the inventor of the abacus counting tool.

Period Mechanics
At this time, humans began to develop equipment for storing and recording information. Johann Gutenburg invented the printing press from Germany. This facilitates the delivery of information at the time. In 1600, the first analog computer invented by Blaise Pascal. The computer was called the Pascaline and is the starting point of the machine replaces the function of the human brain to compute the data.

Electromechanical period
This period marked the golden age with the use of electricity to deliver energy to run the engine computer inventions after the Pascaline. In this period also invented the telephone and Morse code as a means of distance communication.

The first computer used to store programs and data were introduced in 1948. Dubbed the computer name is he the Manchester Mark I. Computer technology is an early invention further develop a version of the current laptops and desktops.

Period of Electronic
In 1957, Jean Hoerni developed the planar transistor. These devices are capable of intregasi circuit that was created in the next year. Then, in 1960 replaced with Minister of Defense the United States created the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) which is the embryo development of the Internet. At that time only allowed for the government's ARPANET, research, and universities.

J.C.R. Licklider, researchers from MIT to deploy the ARPANET computer network throughout the world for social interaction in 1962. Subsequently, in 1968, Andrew Grove, Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce managed to create microprocessor chips for the first time. They sold it to Intel chips to be produced. After that, the development of very rapid progress of information technology, among others, with the discovery of the UNIX operating system, Apple computers, and many other discoveries.


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