How to Make Facebook

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Want to have Facebook, but do not know how to make up. Relax, you are definitely not the only Indonesian people who do not know how to create Facebook. In fact, the question of how to make up for this may have been revealed by most of the people of Indonesia. So big is the influence of Facebook to Indonesian society, to the extent that all people ever ask about how to make up? Actually, the world is technology that "forcing" people of Indonesia to do so.

Not only the question of how to make up for the people who made ​​Indonesia. Various things related to the advancement of technology, especially the Internet has always been a lot of questions asked. email, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and various other things seemed to have got a special place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia.

Well, in this occasion, the author will discuss one "thread" of the most popular in Indonesian society, especially young people, namely about how to make up. However, before discussing it, we should first know the meaning and function of Facebook's.

Facebook is a media that facilitates you to share. Not just news, photos and video can be distributed to the public for free, fast, and easy. Therefore, the Facebook account become a must-have. Yes, Facebook is a social network that allows a person to interact without the constraints of distance and time.

How to Make Facebook
The answer to the question how to make up very easily. In just a few steps, you can already have a Facebook and connect with many friends in various parts of the world. Here are practical steps that will guide you in making a Facebook account.

How to Make Facebook - Step 1
The first thing you need to prepare is your email address. For Facebook, e-mail address will be key entered into your account followed by the keyword (password). You can get this for free email address with him in or at After having an email address, you can instantly create an account.

How to Make Facebook - Step 2
Go to site Facebook at Then, fill out the form at the front page. Starting from the complete name (First Name), name (Last Name); email address (Your e-mail); e-mail address again (Re-enter E-mail); keywords for Facebook (New Password); options sex (Select sex); and the date, month and year of birth (birthday). If data entries are entered correctly, You just click the Sign Up button.

How to Make Facebook - Step 3
If the name of Facebook (the combined name + Last Name) approval of your admin, you'll go to the registration page the next Facebook. The second page contains the page Security Check, which ensures that the pages that make up the account is not the automatic machines, but human.

On this page, you simply enter the code given. Existing code is usually a combination of letters, numbers, or both. Once the code is inserted in the space provided is correct, you just click the Sign Up button.

How to Make Facebook - Step 4
After Security Check page, you'll go to the page Form Step 1 (Find Friends). On this page, you will be advised to search for friends based on your email address. If you want you can enter an email address and wait up to give advice that you add a friend on Facebook based on results of email addresses. If you feel lazy, you can directly go to the next page by clicking Skip.

How to Make Facebook - Step 5
Then, you will go to Form Step 2 (Profile Information). This page will advise you to fill in data about the High School / High School (High School); Higher Education (College); and Works (Employer). If you want you can fill it, but if you're lazy, you can directly go to the next page by clicking Skip.

How to Make Facebook - Step 6
The next page is the Form Step 3 (Profile Picture). On this page, you will be prompted to upload a photo of yourself that will serve as a profile photo. You can upload photos of yourself from a computer that is being used (Upload a Photo from Your Computer) or you can make it right then and there with webcam facilities that exist on a computer that is being used (Take a Photo with Your Webcam).

Choose one of the way earlier. If so, click Save and Continue, and wait until your photos appear on the page. If lazy, you just click Skip. From steps 3 through 6, if there is data you want to edit, you can go back to the desired page by clicking Back.

How to Make Facebook - Step 7
If all pages have passed, you will go directly to the Home page or Home. If on the pages that had passed, you select Skip, on the Home page or Home, you are advised to perform all the steps involved in the Form Step 3 and 3 other steps.

Three steps are intended, namely to find a friend (Find Friends by E-mail); fill in the information profile (Edit Profile Information); upload a profile photo (upload photos); activate up facilities for mobile phones (Activate Mobile Phone); looking for friends who may you know (Find People you Know); and organize the information you want distributed to the Facebook audience (Control What you Share information).

How to Make Facebook - Step 8
If step 7 was done, the Home page or Home will contain the latest information or the most popular of all your friends. And if step 7 is not done, the Home page or Home will continue like that.

How to Make Facebook - Step 9
In order for your Facebook can be freely used, you should confirm your Facebook address by doing the verification link sent to your email. Freely used here does not mean free to be used by anyone, but freed from the notification to verify.

If this is not your doing, on the same day you may be able to freely use his New Facebook, but the next day, you'll be reminded again to melekaukan veifikasi and your Facebook account can not be used utuk temporarily until the verification process done.

How to Make Facebook - Step 10
Once verification is completed, Facebook is ready to use as much as possible. You can edit your profile; make status; create photo albums; insert a link; add friends; make comments; make notes; and many other facilities are ready for use with the best.

Well, with 10 steps on how to make up for earlier, have you prepared to exist in the world of Facebook? Of course ready, right? For other things you need to know this can be linked up're looking at another article contained within or you can learn by self-taught.

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