How to Surf Healthy

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Here are a few ways you can do teens hang out so that no one steps through the internet.

1. Beware of Identity
Honesty is everything. However, there are things you should keep in mind that not everyone in cyberspace include self-identity and work correctly. Therefore, do not be too dazzled by someone claiming to work or school at the elite. It just means they were not as imagined. The point is, do not be too trusting with someone who has known through cyberspace.

2. Never Too Honest
Internet does not include rules for users to talk honestly to others. Therefore, keep the information meetings about the name, age, home address, school address, and phone number. Although your virtual colleagues ask, do not mind. If you begin to feel uncomfortable with that person, leave it out.

3. Invite People Third
Remember, never to meet new people via the Internet alone. To anticipate the worst possibilities, invite friends or relatives to accompany.

4. Do Curhat on the Internet
When facing problems, do not diumbar in cyberspace. Better to tell the friend that is in the real world. Talked to friends in the real world is more reliable than the vent is guaranteed to peer chat.

5. Remove Post Email Suspicious
If you get a shipment email from unknown persons and suspicious contents, immediately remove any such items. Never read the email trap because it would result in losses. Remember, trust someone who had never encountered the biggest mistake.

6. Do not Click Links Suspicious
Remember, do not ever click on suspicious links or URLs. Moreover, if you are not sure of the source of security. Instead of answering curiosity, you will actually be harmed.

7. Stay away from provocative Chat Room
Instead, you stay away from chat rooms or mailing-list that contains the provocation or other negative things. The point is, do not easily fall for the lure someone on the internet who try to make you as a friend just like in real life. One thing that is not less important, do not be provoked by someone who is stirring up so that you fight on the internet.

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