Importance of Computer Information in Modern Era

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Informatics computer system is a transformation of bearing, either the data or information that distribution is done via a computing device. In the era of the all powerful, humans are required to master the technology in an elegant, rather than vice versa; hostile. Any technology is not to be avoided since its presence is a necessity, otherwise to be utilized properly.

Informatics is in your everyday language referred to as informatics is a discipline that studies the transformation of detailed data and information on a machine connected computing. Furthermore, informatics is to dissect the structure, properties, and interactions that play a role in collecting data, processing and storing the result of processing the data, and finally display it in the form of information.

Covering aspects of informatics can be considered as follows:

- Information science who learn to do the techniques of data collection, processing, classification, dissemination of information used for the greatest benefit for the people and social functions.

- Information theory is concerned with the discussion on the particulars of a mathematical concept of information.

- Computer science and computer engineering who gives lessons on the procedures for processing, archiving, through the dissemination of information by using instruments based on computerization.

Computer Science
Computer science terminology can be interpreted as the study of computerized tools in the form of hardware or software. Computer science overshadow a very complex range of topics ranging from knowledge-based analysis as a quantitative algorithm, to more concrete subjects such as software, hardware, and programming languages​​.

The functions of computer science is very diverse within which you can learn everything that can be done by several programs, how programs can analyze the results (model algorithms), how well a program can retrieve and store certain byte of a data structure, and how well programs can communicate with the user.

In combination of the above two disciplines, ie, informatics and computer, it will be able to knit integration both contribute significantly in helping the various activities of human life, especially in information technology. Computer informatics, undeniably capable of shortening the distance, change the technical information among people in various parts of the world, to change the outlook and lifestyle.

If the first person about to deliver the news through a letter sent via post, then the candidate receiving the news had to wait several days before finally coming of such information. In a broader context, the community within a community of nations, when they want to know the security situation of neighboring countries just have to wait person / country delegates who were sent there or by fax necessarily have to go through the various administrative stages before being delivered broadly to the audience. Now, everything can be made ​​easier by the presence of computer informatics.

With the informatics computer, you can access a variety of important news in various countries anywhere in the world. There are some negatives that result from this kind of massive technological developments, but the benefits will be far greater if the wise man as a user in use. Finally, everything always came back to the 'subject' as a user, not the 'object' as used.

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