Importance of Information Technology Application in School

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The last few years the development of information is very significant indeed, starting from the advent of computers has been designed to present the information technology. That was just sort of print and television media are now turning to the media in cyberspace. This becomes a challenge course for education in the country because increasingly rapid progress and technology will continue to evolve.

To facilitate and support the progress of the school then the application of information technology in education is very important. Several advantages can be obtained for teachers and their students. Especially for teachers using this system could be a reference for teaching.

Teachers will further update the information whether it is the latest discovery, a way of teaching or learning about. Teachers will also be challenged by advances such as this because if teaching-that's all without additional references could have been his pupil more information literacy can be smarter than the teachers. As the teacher would not want to be more literate than their students information. These will all improve the quality of teachers in schools.

Second, when about to perform registration or registration can not be complicated. The applicants do not have to queue at the destination because the school already has an online system with the web itself. So easy and efficient way of course! Further information on the schools can be accessed directly through the web without having to go to school. Obviously with the care of professionalism is one thing the web.

The next benefit is the school can publish about the attendance of students, teachers, and finances to the public. Especially to the parents so there is no misunderstanding in terms of both financial or any other. Everything can be more transparent. Parents can also see his son from an absence of published and directly to find out whether their children go to school or not.

School libraries can use the application of information technology like this. Let's say if there's already a book on a computer data base, we are now looking for a book without having to view them one by one. It is also considered quite efficient. There are still many things that can actually utilized information was not from the application of technology in this school and one of which is described above.

Semuai this needs to be balanced with the teaching of technology literacy as well. What is the use of force in the school provided a high tech but can not use it according to terms sunda "jiga ngagugulung kalapa monkey", there's no point. Such technology could be a waste and that was very useful to be ignored items.

Despite the many advantages there are also shortcomings derived from the application of this technology. As is too dependent on computers and the Internet that require a power supply. In addition there will arise another problem because the virus attacks that could mess up the data on that computer. So if the school would do such a system should have the experts who are qualified and able to manage it well.

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