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In the digital era, as now, the human need for the Internet is so big. Almost all human activities, requires a device capable of providing all the information dibutuhkn by humans. For those who are already familiar with the Internet, it is almost certain to meet with the term Internet-related terms in the network. However, not all Internet users will understand the meaning of the term the term within the internet as a whole. This is mainly for those who only plays as internet users only. For people who are called by the user of this term, they only know some of the terms in the Internet in general terms only.

Glossary of terms in the internet which is generally known by the user, usually associated with their activities when using the internet. As the use of electronic mail or in a social networking play. These groups use the Internet in order to establish a relationship with another person or in an information seeking process.

As with the experts who use the Internet more than just communicating. They will use the internet to support their activities. The group is called the technician group, where they are not just looking for information on the Internet. However, they make a variety of media that contains information that can be accessed via the internet. Such as creating a site that includes a variety of content.

Know the Benefits of Internet Terms
So many terms in internet terms that existed at the moment. But we do not need to know and understand all the meaning of the term. We are quite familiar with some terms that would often associated with our day to day activities. As for the term that has no connection with our activities, it is enough to simply know it.

There are several benefits that we can get to know a few terms in the internet. Some of these benefits include:

- Optimizing a wide range of functions in supporting our activities. As in the email, attach the term there is an additional function in the electronic mail. The function of attach is to attach a file or data that we want to convey to recipients. Thus, we can save time and facilitate the process of sending data to other parties.

- Refrain from negative impacts of the Internet. In addition to bringing good, on the one side of the internet presence raises the chances of negative behavior from a handful of parties. From this activity, then the term hack, which is an activity that is a person to use the data falsification activities for the benefit of the culprit. By knowing these terms, we can avoid being a victim of the hacker.

- Facilitate communication. On the internet, available facilities that could be used to establish communication known as chat. In this facility, the process of communication not only be done in writing, but could use the telephone and teleconference facility using the tool of a web cam. In addition, there are also some sites that provide facilities like this that can help a person associated with the relation that was somewhere else on the cheap.

Internet Glossary
For those who are accustomed to using the Internet, may frequently hear the term a variety of terms in the internet. Only, not everyone knows the meaning of the term so that it just becomes wind alone.

There are several terms that are often used in the Internet. Some of those terms include:

Stands for Advanced Digital Network, which is a term used to indicate the channel leased lines with speeds of up to 56 kbps.

Stands for Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line. Is one type of DSL that allows the upstream and downstream moving with different speeds. Usually kcepatan higher reaches downstream 1.544 Mbps for downstream and upstream mencapai128 kbps on common configurations.

Anonymous FTP
This site can be used without us having to register and have a certain identity. Standard rules used in this site is to fill the column Anonymous on users as well as the email address used for the password.

Is a path that has a high speed and there is a series of relationships as the main route on a network the Internet.

Is a value that contains information mengai amount of data that can traverse a path of communication within the network at any given time.

Is a data transmission path that has a high speed with higher capacitance bandwitch than regular phone lines.

The process to move existing data in a site into a storage device that can be used without connecting to the Internet network.

It is a combination of hardware and software that will partition a network into two or more with security objectives.

Technically, the gateway is a term that indicates the hardware settings and software. Fugsinya is to translate the two different data sources. In a general sense, the gateway is a process that provides a way to get into a system of interconnected via a network.

Stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is one type of SGML and is used in the data transfer process that occurs in the HTTP protocol.

Stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a protocol that diiptakan to open electronic mail. In addition to IMAP, another protocol address which is used for the same function is by using POP.

Network is a collection of interrelated and connected in a so-called protocol or IP. The Internet is a system which is the development of the networks found by ARPANet as well as a WAN is possible the greatest at this time.

Is a private network that is in a system and mutually connect each computer such as the Internet. Only, the intranet can only be used within a certain scope is limited.

Stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN is a path that was created to provide convenience to the process of data transfer is performed with higher speed. This process is done using the existing regular phone lines. In contrast to DSL, ISDN can be connected menggunaakan in other locations such as telephone lines. Provided that the region also has a relationship with an ISDN line.

Mailing List
Often also referred to as mailing lists, is an electronic mail address used by some Internet users to exchange information. For any information that is sent to an address listed on sbuah mailing list, will be sent to all members.

There will always be new terms associated with the evolving information technology advances. If you do not want to fall behind, then you should always update new info in internet terms.

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