Information and Communication Technology

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a container that includes all the technical equipment to process and deliver all forms of information. Information Technology and Komusikasi consists of two aspects, namely information technology and communication technology. Information technology encompasses all matters relating to process, use as aids, manipulation, and information management. Meanwhile, information technology is all things relating to the use of assistive devices for processing and moving data from one device to another device.

From the description of two aspects, we can conclude that information technology and communication are two concepts are inseparable. Thus, information and communication technologies have a broad sense, ie all activities related to the processing, manipulation, management, and transfer of information between the media.

The term Information and Communication Technology (ICT) appears after a combination of computer technology, both hardware and software with communications technology in the mid-20th century. The combination of these two technologies is rapidly expanding beyond the field of other technologies. Until the beginning of the 21st century, Information Technology and Communications continues to experience a variety of changes and have not seen the point of saturation.

Examples of information and communication technology developments, among others, internet, computer, telephone, radio, television and other media to convey information.

Learning Objectives for Information and Communication Technology

- Aware of the potential development of information and communication technologies are evolving so that it can be motivated to do the evaluation and study of this technology as the basis for continued learning.

- Motivate yourself the ability to adjust and anticipate the development of information and communication technology so as to implement and lead daily activities independently and more confident.

- Develop competence in using information and communication technology to support all forms of daily activities.

- Develop the ability to learn based on information technology and communication so that the learning process can be optimized and interesting.

- Developing self-learning ability, innovative, creative, and responsible use of information technology and communications.

The role of ICT in Education

1. Sharing Research Results
Information and communication technology (ICT), especially the Internet, has been widely used as a source of information to support education. Internet as a result of the development of information and communication technology has been utilized for various results of research conducted in different parts of the world. This has led to research a person does can be exploited by others.

2. Consultation with experts
Internet was widely used to consult with experts located elsewhere. This resulted in space and distance is no longer an obstacle for consultation. For example, a student who was in Sumatra to conduct research to consult with the professor in Java by leveraging information and communication technologies, such as chat and e-mail.

3. Online Library
Online library is a library in digital form. Typically, there are online libraries on the internet. With an online library, enabling students to access sources of knowledge in an easy way without having to be limited by distance and time.

4. Online Discussion
Online discussions is a discussion conducted via the internet. With the utilization of information and communications technology, such as the Internet, allowing students to exchange ideas without having to congregate in one place.

5. Online Classes
Applications online classes as the utilization of information and communication technology developments can be used by educational institutions to conduct long-distance teaching and learning process. Usually, online classes conducted by the open university and open schools.

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