Information Technology Innovation at the World Education

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Advances in technology have made the world of education go to "run" to follow. The presence of information technology also further facilitate the spread of the latest scientific information all over the world in no time. It is as if "force" teachers to be constantly updating the news Wednesday in the field of education which they elaborated on a regular basis. In addition to the latest information, the existence of the Internet also brings innovation in education. Innovation in question is a change from the initial situation to the new situation better than before.

A person who is engaged in the world of education is supposed to be doing innovation and renewal. Innovation is required not only for the benefit of students, so they feel happy with the lessons that they follow, but innovation is also important for an educator. Because, in addition to finalizing the experience and increase knowledge, as well as to relieve boredom in teaching.

Various Kinds of Information Technology Innovation
There are three kinds of information technology innovations that you can use to increase competence in teaching and learning, as well as familiarizing students with the world of information technology, namely:

1. Innovative idea or ideas
You can enter any idea or your idea of ​​education through your personal blog or website. Even if you are not able to be present in the teaching-learning process such as an assignment from the boss, you can still upload tasks on your blog and ask your students to download. It is a technological innovation enough information to help you in the transfer of learning. You can insert an article such as "Biotechnology" in the blog to be downloaded and discussed by your students. This is in addition to improving the quality and skills in information technology, also for students closer to the world of information technology.

2. Innovation practice or teaching methods
As a teacher, you certainly do not want to make your students feel lousy on teaching methods to convey. Teaching methods that will fatigue you provide, will make your students antipathy toward your lesson, so that the acceptance of information they get is not optimal. You can modify how you teach with new instruction types that exist on the internet. Jigsaw method, STAD, CIRC, P4QR, and so on, can make the condition of your classes more lively and interactive. Feel free to search for the keyword method of teaching is through the search engines in cyberspace. You will find new nuances in the world of education that is more enjoyable.

3. Product innovation or educational software
You can also innovate by creating a product or software that facilitate the understanding of students' education and your students. For example, you can create a virtual lab with computer skills you have. If the learning time is not long enough, you can still take advantage of online virtual labs in the virtual world to help the learning process. From the online lab, you are with your students are still able to produce a work, namely by preparing presentations or lab module from the virtual lab you have learned together.

So wait no more, congratulations to innovate with information technology to advance education in Indonesia.

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