Is Information Technology Processing, Processing, and Data Dissemination

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The technology comes from the Latin, texere, which means 'build' and its development requires a long time. The technology usually has two aspects, namely the hardware aspects (objects, materials, and nature), and aspects of the software (the basic information for the hardware). Both hardware and software, very useful in the operation of the computer. However, technology is more dominant on the hardware.

Meanwhile, information technology is the processing, processing, and dissemination of data obtained from the device combines a computer with telecommunications equipment. Therefore, more information technology is the workmanship of the data.

Information is closely related to communication so that information technology is also associated with the development of communication technology. Basically, information technology and communication have the same definition. Communications technology means all forms of information technology that supports all of the communication process.

Information technology and communication technology is studied in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), or outside known as ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). This term comes after a combination of computer technology with communications technology in the mid-20th century.

Early Occurrences
Information and communication technology first appeared around 1910-1920 in the form of wireless voice transmission through the first AM radio broadcast. Then, wireless voice communications is growing, and accompanied by audio-visual transmission without cables via broadcast television in the 1940s.

Along with the development of technology, then came the electronic computer with a microprocessor that became the "brains" of computer hardware. Digital technology is the result of the convergence of telecommunications equipment with computers began to development, a cell phone.

Development of Information Technology
The development of information and communications technology provides considerable influence to the human need for information. Through technological devices, such as radios, televisions, computers with Internet network, and cellular phones, information flow is growing rapidly. We do not have to wait long to get the information.

Advances in information technology and communication have actually been recognized and perceived benefits. Various advances in information technology provide a lot of convenience and comfort for the life of mankind. Advances in technology be the answer of the progress of globalization that increasingly enveloped the world.

Advances in information technology is an advancement which would give effect to the civilization of human life. Undeniably, human beings now as if had been "enslaved" by the civilization of information technology.

How not, many people who are hungry for information and act as users of information and communication technology, proving that the life they lead is never separated from the role of information technology.

Title Post: Is Information Technology Processing, Processing, and Data Dissemination
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