IT Management in Disaster Prevention

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When the tsunami struck the Mentawai, many of the stifling why the role of information technology management, early warning systems that already exist do not run properly. Actually, the competent institution claims to have menetapakan status of tsunami hazard. But a short time later, it lifted the warning. The result, the tsunami destroyed the Mentawai islands.

Indonesia not only once faced a tsunami. After the city of Aceh tsunami that swept ferociously. We clean up to improve emergency response management. So an early warning system was installed equipment scattered in several disaster-prone points. In today's era of connected information technology roles can not dinihilkan. While manajamen government should see this as an opportunity in order to cope with disasters.

Information Technology Management
Management Information technology itself is diverse means. But we will discuss this, managerial governance using information technology tools in the process.

What characteristics of information technology management:

- Connected. All elements of the organization will be connected to one another. Restrictions that will impede easy to penetrate because many tech gadgets are used.

- Fast-paced. Unnecessary bureaucracy that linger. Through information technology bureaucracy be "could be made easier if complicated why?"

- Integrated. Yes, all the elements of the organization will be integrated more easily. Integration here in the form of communication, relationships, and so on.

As we all know people that information technology is able to detect early symptoms will be a disaster. Japan as a country prone to ring of fire that once the disaster has implemented this. In essence the disaster itself is unpredictable and sudden. However, information technology can minimize the potential for disaster exists.

What is the role of information technology management-related disasters?

- Early detection. Yes, exactly early warning system. Man can not escape from disaster. But when he learned that there is a disaster, at least people can save themselves.

- Mapping. Natural phenomena can be also known from the ongoing trend. Patterns that occur in the span of many years. Information technology can help to map it.

- Coordination. When disasters have occurred role of information technology is vital in terms of coordination.

The role of information technology management of the most important of course is the central communication system 1 x 24 hours. Humans can be neglected. However, when it executed the role of information technology, all potential errors that can be minimized or even eliminated. Remain on the user who launched it. Once again the management of information technology is urgently needed because of the importance of disaster very quickly.

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