Managing Personal Email

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World of the Internet increasingly allows us to correspond with anyone anywhere in the world. Email (electronic mail) to give definite solutions for ease of correspondence. Can save time and cost. No need anymore to wait for a letter that should arrive one month later. Corresponded to the country in another continent just a few seconds straight up. Email word comes from two words that are abbreviated. E (Electronic) Mail (Letter).

By exchanging emails, we can also include documents or important files, like photos in the attachment. In addition, we can learn from many mailing lists with a variety of topics in accordance with the interests and needs of each of us.

About Email
Many free email providers that we can use. Some examples are gmail, yahoo, hotmail, ymail and more. We can freely choose the email and use it until an unspecified limit.

There are a few tips you can use, so do not complicate your personal e-mail:

1. Check first email capacity you can get. Adjust as needed. Is used only for the sake of correspondence course, to participate in a lot of mailing, to enroll in a variety of social networking services or a combination of all three.

2. Should separate the use of email for the benefit of employment and socialization. If the mailing list join the bustling activity or you are active in social networking, of course you will be flooded with notification emails.

3. Make a folder with a clear specification of the name. Make a special folder that relates to your work or other social activities. This is to make it easier to organize email unread. Important emails may direct you to move to a folder so you can rest easy deleting emails that is not important.

4. When you join the mailing list with email traffic is dense in quantity. Better receiving mail in digest settings.

5. Change password periodically 2 weeks or 1 month. This is done in order to maintain the security of your emails that are not easily infiltrated by parties not responsible.

6. If you travel frequently or if the phone has a push email facility. Use of this facility. So you can always check the latest incoming email.

Use email wisely and ethical. Avoid sending an email with a capital letter or using red letters.

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