Popular Equipment Information Technology on Campus

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The world thrives on education to improve itself go international. Achievement, competent, and credible, is the dream of every educational institution. No exception on campus. Campuses in Indonesia are being encouraged to be global. Ranking of education we are still far behind the neighboring country, Singapore and Malaysia.

Before heading there, proper means must be met. Information technology can bridge the direction means easy and fast. That many campus activities should be supported by his supporters. Information technology equipment may be a solution to build facilities that support them.

Information Technology Equipment
Well, what are the popular information technology equipment on campus? Consider the following list.

- E-campus. E-campus is an online system that includes student profiles. There are also, available menu to access the value, guardianship, letters, and other interests. E-campus can usually be accessed at a particular URL. Students are given access to login with your student identification numbers and passwords can be set by the students themselves.

- Forum. Steam is stored in the suggestion box? No age times, yes! In this fast-paced era, information technology presents a fast interaction. Such forums could answer this need. Typically, the forum is integrated with e-campus or have a different site. This forum is a place complaints, criticisms, suggestions, and so on. Often also the interaction between the student or the associated answer. The main advantages that this forum is not obtained from conventional suggestion box. Feed back that fast!

- Register online. Do not want to queue for long? Register online answer. Looking at the numbers of students in some colleges are more numerous. Will inevitably lead to a great line when registration wrestled at one time frame. By registering online, students simply click the number of courses taken. Then, approve by the academic online as well. Wrong.

- Wifi. Not familiar items. Wifi in the area of ​​campus is a norm. Wifi often provided by the college. Some campuses require setting the internet on the laptop should be set up by the IT campus. However, not infrequently, students can immediately surf fun in cyberspace. Without the complicated bureaucracy or internet access code.

- Class schedules. If the lecturer's bete not be coming? Well, today, few campuses provide information technology equipment to overcome this problem. How diverse, there is a telephone, ecampus, SMS, and others. Students staying the course ask whether or not avaiable. Easy, right?


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