Safe Tips Sign up Facebook

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Sign up facebook is one of the obligations that must be done by someone who wants to use these social networking sites. For, without doing pendaftara process, then the person will not be recorded as one of the owners of accounts that exist on sites that are discovered by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is very easy ways to register. The most important one must have electronic mail accounts or email first. Because, in the future to verify this prior to your facebook account activation will be sent via electronic mail. Address electronic mail is also a key opener to get into a facebook account.

After having an electronic mail account, then we can start signing up facebook for ourselves. How to open facebook site, then we will get the part to register on the top right. There we stayed fill early biographical data that must be filled. Next follow the on-screen guide to some of the data that can be filled or not.

In the biographical data, in addition to the name listed we will also have some other personal information such as address, telephone number, occupation and history of our education. We can also put some pictures that are considered necessary to facilitate our associates to find our account and establishing relationships with their virtual world.

Safe Tips Sign up
When the era of facebook become known, was originally used to find back some friends and relatives who had not met. This is a benefit because of facebook can reconnect ties that have been established.

But on the other hand, do not ever sign up facebook for good. Because, there are some people who actually make the facebook as a tool to do crimes. Such as committing fraud through the online business or even a crime by kidnapping a man known through social networking. For that, we must have some tips to avoid the misuse of social networking sites. Thus, this site can actually have benefits and not be a detrimental thing for us.

Some tips to avoid misuse of this facebook account include:

1. Do not put personal phone numbers in the list of biodata facebook. Also, do not easily share the phone number for the person we do not know him well, mainly just to know through cyberspace.

2. Avoid excessively put up pictures. This is to avoid abuse by parties who are less responsible and pass it on their behalf.

3. Selective in accepting the friend request. If there are accounts in which if the suspect should avoid to accept friendship with them. Can be a way rejected or simply ignored.

4. Avoid making status or statements that could lead to conflict or be against the law. Because the Act IITE, Facebook users could be snared by criminal threats.

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