Sent a Letter Using Email

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In the 90's, if you want to know or to send news of relatives in remote areas, you usually use the postal service by way of correspondence. It took a long time so it came to the destination address. After a cell phone, you can get the news quickly by calling or sending SMS. You simply pay a toll in order to continue to communicate. But actually there is another tool that can be used to exchange information quickly and without the cost or for free. Such means is to use email.

E-mail or electronic mail is a service that can be found on the internet to send or receive mail. Similar to regular mail, in email service, you must have the address to send and receive mail. You can obtain this address by registering prior to the site email providers. Lots of email service providers, whether paid or free. Example of a paid email service provider is hotmail, yahoo, Indosat, and many others.

This paid email service providers usually provide free email services like yahoo, hotmail, ymail, rocketmail, gmail, and much more for free email service provider to another. But do not think that is better than a paid email free e-mail. yahoo and gmail to prove that their service is very good, although email is provided free of charge. But there are also emails that are paid to give a much better service than the free email.

To obtain an email address, you simply go to the email address of the desired service provider. After that, you register and fill in the data themselves. When a password to use for your email, fill with words or numbers are easy to remember. This password should not be known by others so as not to be abused.

After the charging process is completed the data yourself, you'll get verification that it has managed to have an email address. After receiving this email address, you can simply use email to send an email to another email address.

Some terms in email service to keep in mind include:

Mailing list
Is a group of email users who have a hobby or area of ​​the same work. For example, a mailing list that contains the orchid enthusiasts, lovers of the game, and others. To be able to participate in this mailing list simply register to our mailing list to suit your wishes.

Spam is unsolicited email and the sender usually does not exist in your email address book .. Usually, these emails contain the promotion of an item, even most of these spam emails contain about fraud. So beware if you receive an email that the sender is not known. To overcome these spam emails, there is usually a filter facility to filter any email that can get into our email address.

Is a facility which can be used to send copies to another email address where the recipient email address you wrote in CC services can be seen by all recipients of the email.

Is a facility which can be used to send copies to another email address where the recipient email addresses are written in the BCC service can not be seen by another email recipient.

Is a facility where you can store email addresses and can see it at any time. Besides can be used to send newsletters, emails can also be used to send the document in the form of computer files. For example, image files, songs, software, and much more. You can add the files to the emails sent.

To select the right email service provider, it is advisable to choose the free email services like yahoo or advance that many people use gmail. If the free email service is still deemed less, please choose a paid email service by knowing in advance what facilities or services that would be obtained.

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