Understanding Information Technology from the Experts

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Information Technology or IT who abbreviated often called IT has a lot of sense. But there is good that we know the sense of information technology from the right people. It is certainly necessary to obtain an objective definition. We see some understanding of information technology experts that can be used as a reference so that no more debate is only for a definition.

Haag and Keen
In 1996, Haag and Keen defines information technology as a set of tools that help you to work with information and perform tasks related to information processing. In this case, IT is considered a tool used for job-related information. Processing the resulting information is processed using those tools. These tools are computer software and its supporters.

In 1999 Martin defines Information Technology is not just limited to computer technology that is used to process and store information but also includes communications technology to transmit information. He sees IT not only as computer technology are used to pemrosessan and data storage. Understanding, more broadly, because Martin also include a communication technology that is used to perform the delivery of information.

Mc Keown
In 2001 Mc Keown defines Information Technology refers to all forms of technology used to create, store, modify, and to use such information in all its forms. Quite clear here that the Information Technology covers the entire form of the technology used to process information. The shape can vary as a multimedia computer as a tool. Supported by the software according to the processing of such information.

Williams and Sawyer
In 2003 Williams and Sawyer defines Information Technology is a technology that combines computing (computer) with high-speed communication lines that carry data, voice and video. William and Sawyer provide a joint understanding of IT is a computer that is associated with the communication channel with a high speed for data transmission, either text, audio and video. multimedia data in a form accommodated by the use of computers.

In 2005 Williams and Sawyer more complete definition of Information Technology sebagaui a general form that describes any technology that helps produce, manipulate, store, communicate, or convey information.

Kenneth C. Loudon
In 2004 Kenneth C. Loudon defines Information Technology is one tool that managers use to cope with the changes. In this case the change in question is a change in the information that has been processed and carried out previously in the computer storage.

Martin, Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, and Perkins
In 2005 they define the Information Technology is a combination of computer technology consisting of hardware and software to process and store information communication technology for information distribution. Here the communication technology is used as a means of information distribution, while the information is processed and stored in a computer.

From some of the above definition, information technology includes a combination of computer technology and telecommunications technology itself. Computers as a hardware device with software as software that functions to data storage and processing facilities that will be transmitted through communication channels.


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