Utilization of Computer Technology in the Field of Education

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Do you know how much use of computer technology in education? Computer technology is an area of ​​support for other areas of life. Maybe it could be said for those who know how valuable the information, that computer technology into the required needs of everyday existence. Utilization of computer technology is not just limited to the company or business, but also used and exploited in the field of education.

If previous use of computer technology in education as just one lesson to be learned. But slowly the time, computer technology is supporting medium of learning that runs in the teaching-learning process in educational institutions.

Many forms of existence of the utilization of computer technology in education. Given not only the form of computer hardware, but also brings a variety of applications contained in the computer. The existence of computer technology into a learning tool in itself. Because the future, the need for computer skills very much.

These forms of use of computer technology in education. Some of them.

- Studying the computer hardware is basic knowledge for students.

- Accessing information through Internet technology brought and is traversed by the computer.

- Leveraging applications as a medium of instruction for students who make be able to enjoy a more interactive learning. As well as using a presentation application like PowerPoint or OpenOffice Presentation Micosoft. Using animation, using Adobe Flash technology.

- Utilizing the available applications and is intended for certain subjects. For example, there are applications that support math for math, chemistry lesson which contains a table listing the elements of chemistry, or physics that displays the formula and analogies that make it easier for students.

Even-based applications of computer technology is not just for the educational level up, but there are also applications of computer technology for kindergarten, pre-kindergarten that was available.

Information Access
One form of use of computer technology in education the most is the internet presence. The Internet has made the student can access information more widely, quickly and without obstructed distance. Information that may not be obtained through a textbook in educational institutions can be obtained via the Internet. Not just for students but the teachers also felt the benefits of internet presence that part of computer technology.

Nonetheless, the existence of the Internet in the utilization of computer technology in education can backfire as well for students who are still in the stage of knowing. Because, over the internet all the information open and readily available. On the positive side, the things that are new in terms of science and knowledge will be more readily available. On the negative side, the content-content that is not too easy too get educated. Therefore, the role of teachers and parents is essential in optimizing the existence of the Internet in education.

The importance of understanding of computer technology has made the teachers, to policy-makers in educational institutions the importance of computer technology to be applied, since utilization of computer technology in education is not a small thing, but it is huge potential for development both for the students, educators, and also form of educational institution.

Teaching Material
In addition to access to information, ease of making instructional materials in teaching is part of the utilization of computer technology in education. Form of ease of manufacture of materials as one simple example by using software or an application for such presentation or OpenOffice microsoft powerpoint presentation, or for a more interactive can use flash animation or applications software is increasingly attractive, interactive and dynamic.

Animation and dynamism resulting from the use of computer technology to make teaching and learning is more alive than the without the use of computer technology.

Creation or Development Application
Form of utilization of computer technology in education at the institution for example using an application supporting system for academic information. The application is useful for example to record student data held by educational institutions, attendance, grades, exams, the final result and so on.

In addition to academic information systems, information systems can also boarding if the school was a boarding school. Applications can facilitate the management dormitory dorm, set the foster children. In addition, applications for accounting for an educational institution, making it easier to arrange the finance department and out of the cost of education. There are still many other applications that can be utilized in education.

By applying computer technology in educational institutions and when used with the needs or in terms of appropriate technology will increase the transparency, effectiveness, efficiency in the educational institutions. But if not used properly, it will show just a waste of costs and potential of computer technology. May the educational institutions could feel the use of computer technology in education and implement the best of it.


Title Post: Utilization of Computer Technology in the Field of Education
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