World Full of Robots

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Watching or reading stories about the life of robots always makes us spellbound. Since childhood we've been presented with the story of Doraemon and Astro Boy Robot that such a phenomenon until now. Movies about robots like the terminator is also always interested in people. There is a movie that tells that thousands of years, human function will be replaced by robots. Waw! Certainly creepy, is not it? Then, the human population will increasingly thin, then? Take it easy... hopefully it was just a mere story.

When first seen as something that is impossible and only fantasy, is now a robot into something real and moving. Let us know some more robots for the sake of human knowledge continues to increase. But should not you expect to see great robots such as Doraemon, Astro Boy, or the Terminator. Nevertheless, recently there was a robot resembles a human hand, a robot skin and flesh complete with artificial joints. But only a hand without an intact body.

Robots are mechanical devices that resemble humans or animals. Since the first objective of the robot is to assist human activities. When the first robot to walk only with the wheel and could not make a sound, now the robot already has arms, legs and grunting. Of course the sound of his voice is still a simple system that is programmed by the creator of the robot.

A few About Robots
Around the 18th century in Czechoslovakia, Karel Capek introduced the term robot in his work entitled Rossum's Universal Robots. Robot itself comes from the word Robota, which means slave or forced labor. The word robot was substituting the word slave mechanics for mechanical items that assist human activities.

'Robot World' has also been exploring Indonesia. Proven on April 25, 2010 yesterday, a team of robot maker of Indonesia won the gold medal in the match Robogames 2010 in the United States. The robot fighters are from the University Computer Indonesia, and DU-114 brought the robot, robot firefighters, to the Include in the match.

Robot Type
There are several types of robots that you can know. Among them are: Mobile Robot, which is the earliest robotic techniques. The robot uses wheels to move. This robot is most easily made. Then the robot movement networks regulated by the Internet. Then Robot Manipulator, which was just a robot hand that usually assist the plant or machinery industries / automotive. Furthermore, there Humanoid robot, which was created specifically to mimic humans.

In addition there legged robot. That is a robot that has been given a leg and can walk like humans and animals. Then there is the Flying Robot and Underwater Robot or a Robot in the water.

Various types of robots were created basically to assist human activities such as checking the dangerous underground, oil drilling jobs, repetitive work is exhausting and so forth. But humans should not be too dependent on robots. Of course we all do not want the robot to master the human story becomes a reality. We are the ones who master the technology not the technology overwhelms us.

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