ChromeZone, Google's First Store

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After many years known as search engine, Google has opened its first physical store. Housed in one of the elite of London, at Court Road, Tottenham, Google opened "ChromeZone", as well as test facilities in selling laptops Chromebook. Chromebook is a laptop running with Google Chrome the operating system. Google's complements this laptop with a fast Internet connection.

Previously, Chromebook sold online. Online sales this way ever complained to Samsung, which digaet Chromebook Google in production. But after Google believes Chromebook real useful, Google was willing to sell Chrome by opening ChromeZone.

But the launch of Google's first store is somewhat quieter than the launch of the first Apple store in London, in 2004. Nevertheless, Google remains confident will be able to open a number of other ChromeZone in the future.

"Especially going to the experts who have been trained on Chromebook, ready to give guidance to prospective buyers of use," Google said in a statement when launching ChromeZone.

"We have been thinking about planning and Desai Chrome Zone," said Arvind Desikan, Google's Head of Sales in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

"Some consumers are responding very well Chromebook launch when launched. And we hope that many consumers are interested after the sale in the store," said Mark Slater, a director at Dixons Retail.

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