Disorders Network BlackBerry Spreads to Four Continents

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Damage to the BlackBerry service network is not over. After Monday's customers in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and India have been affected, this Tuesday tissue damage occurs in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Millions of customers on four continents are not able to use some services, such as e-mails, BlackBerry messages, and accessing the Internet. This happened after a series of failures in network systems Research In Motion.

"There is a failure in RIM's infrastructure," RIM said in an e-mail sent Tuesday afternoon, as noted by Reuters, Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

According to RIM, the system is already designed to support system that will change automatically when the main system to crash. But apparently it was not running. "Soon we will restore service to be normal again," RIM said in an e-mail.

Currently, RIM has more than 70 million subscribers worldwide, with highest growth coming from emerging markets.

BlackBerry service disruption is not the first time this has happened. Last month, the BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging service is also impaired in Canada and Latin America. Customers in North America and even had time to experience severe disruption in April 2007.

On Monday, a number of BlackBerry users in the region Europe, Middle East, and Africa can not access the Internet and BlackBerry Messenger services.


Title Post: Disorders Network BlackBerry Spreads to Four Continents
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