Regarding Windows 8

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Currently, the world's computer users are familiar with the presence of MS Windows 7. The operating system has been tested through alpha and beta versions. Some observers welcomed the presence in the operating system because it is lighter, faster than its predecessor, and not greedy in hardware requirements. After the launch of Windows 7, now Microsoft is trying to develop OS successor who will be named Windows 8. Of course we all want to know what kind of ability.

Windows 8

Ability to imagine what Windows 8 is considered still too early. However, users of Microsoft's OS is able to provide input through various forums that are distributed on the internet. The pattern of "listening to customers" in the form of input from users of this faithful, began in earnest by Microsoft before megawali design new products. The company considers that the consumer voice is critical to the survival of the Microsoft.


Microsoft promises that Windows 8 will come with the advantage that no previous versions. The user expects the new system which will be released Microsoft should have improved, ranging from minor repairs, medium, and large.

Small Repairs

OS loyal users expect a small improvement that includes a variety of uses default programs, such as Windows Explorer, WordPad, Notepaad, and Paint. During this time, the default programs get a lot of criticism because it had never done repairs, even since MS Windows 95.

Selection of text and color in WordPad, Paint, and Notepad, were deemed to be ancient. For example in the Paint program that is not possible to select objects that have been completed edited. This is what causes the user does not take advantage of this program. The users prefer programs of the more sophisticated third-party and free.

Characteristically Medium Repair

Besides wanting a small improvement, the user had to wait for repairs are being or are secondary, such as Windows Media Player. WMP requires many additional file (called a codec) to be able to play baerbagai types of video, such as 3GP, AVI, MP4, and DVD. Windows Media Player program should have been smart enough to prompt the user to find the required codec.

Another improvement is the availability of spreadsheet programs are expected to light so that it can replace the calculator program. Any sophisticated calculator, still it is not informative for users. Simple spreadsheet program with 1000 rows and 100 columns thats satisfy its users.

Big improvement

Microsoft has announced several new capabilities that will have Windows 8, which is an improvement on BranchCache and Distirbuted File System Replication (DFSR). BranchCache is the ability to access files from the intranet and a copy locally so that the program is able to work faster. This capability has been implemented on Windows 7 and will be developed capabilities in Windows 8.

DFSR is a new capability that will be characteristic of Windows 8 and the ability to synchronize the contents of a folder or equation-based multiplatform. Windows 8 promised to communicate easily with multiple servers that use different OS. In addition, the operating system is capable of equating the contents of a folder on another server, such as at branch offices to headquarters.

Some observers believe that these improvements have not been enough. Observers do not want Windows 8 is better than Windows 7, but better than its competitors. Windows 8 is predicted to be present at the end of 2012 or early 2013. The programmer Microsoft still has plenty of time to meet the wishes of loyal users.

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